Wednesday, January 1, 2014

recap on 2013.

at the end of each year it seems as though everyone looks back on everything that happened to them that year. that is what i am going to do right now. this is has been a fun and exciting year for us. luckily for me, i document everything. so i can look back at pictures and remember exactly what we did. in 2013 i had hip surgery for the second time. round two wasn't so bad. just had my screws removed.  now i can actually stand the cold. having screws in your hip in the winter time is very uncomfortable. collin, who plays rugby for byu, won the championship game for the second year in a row! one of my best friends, Alyssa was married. attending her sealing was incredible.  a lot of changes happened at my job. new coworkers, and a promotion for me. my hair clientele grew so much, and i've kept busy doing hair. we bought our first, very own shotgun. collin had nose surgery. lets just say that we have had enough doctor/hospital visits for the next few years. i spent a lot of time with my birth mom and her family. our good friends jordan and jerika got married and we were able to attend their sealing. we had some fun camping and rodeo experiences in the summer time. collin got accepted into the Marriott School of Business and started and finished his first semester there with a 4.0! proud wife!! another best friend of mine, haley, got married and we had the opportunity to be apart of their sealing as well. can i tell you how incredibly happy and blessed i feel to have attend so many of my friends sealings? the best feeling! we celebrated our one year anniversary in august of 2013. we made it to one year and we are gonna keep going for eternity! we had a blast in lake powell with my birth mom and her amazing family. i attended my first BYU football game ever. we made many new, incredible friends that we will have forever. collin accepted an offer for an internship this summer in Ohio. he will be working for Goodyear. we can't wait for our new adventure in Ohio this summer! i was able to attend the sealing of an old friend, who is now my best friend, kennedy! love that girl so much. i made a decision to change my health habits and get fit, healthy and happy! and i will continue to do so in this new year! i can't wait for the outcome. and my best friend from hair school got married in December. she married her missionary! 2013 brought me lots of happiness and joy. i attended many of my close friends weddings and spent a lot of time with close friends and family. 2013 was very good to us, and i am beyond ready for 2014 and the new and exciting adventures that are in store. thanks to all of my family and friends who made 2013 a year to remember! check out a video clip on instagram of my 2013. follow me @alilynnbush

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