Monday, January 13, 2014

some randoms in life.

well friends, i'm down 25.4 lbs and feeling great! this program has been so worth it! the best investment you can make, is an investment in your health! i believe that to be true.

that two week break that collin just had was fabulous. we spent a lot of time together, when i wasn't working. now that school has started up again, i never see him. boo. i hate that. he is always gone. whether he is at lifting, school, or rugby practice, he is gone. it will all be worth it in the end. i'm so excited for rugby games to start! the first game will be in mesquite, nevada and i get to go! woot woot. i'll be going with my in-laws. then the following weekend i get to go with them again to california for the next games! i'm excited for a couple of fun trips filled with family and rugby! i need a break!

we went shopping on saturday so i could get some new jeans that fit me. thanks to everyone who commented on my facebook status to help me decide where to go! i ended up getting some blue jeans and some black jeans at forever xxi. i will spend a little more on jeans once i've reached my goal weight. i'd rather not spend money on jeans that will end up being too big again. i also got a new dress and jacket.  it felt so good to ask collin to grab me a smaller size! did you hear that?! yes i needed a smaller size. best feeling! i'm so thankful for my husband and all his support during this hard time for me. he sure is amazing!

if you follow me on instagram then you've already seen the pictures i'm going to share. and if you don't, then enjoy! happy monday! here is a little bit of what we did over the break!

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