Tuesday, April 29, 2014

10 days.

10 days. we leave to ohio in 10 day! i can't even believe it. it doesn't seem real yet. but i am so ready to get out of here.  my life has turned upside down since last tuesday. more details to come later. maybe. i usually don't like the idea of running away from your problems/trials, but that is basically what's going to happen. and oddly, i am okay with that. i need a break. i have two more days of work and then i take the rest of next week to clean and pack and get everything ready to leave for 3 months. wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

free app? yes please.

have you heard of the app Nike Trainer? its amaze balls. yes, i just said that. it's a free app, which who doesn't love free?! my sister in law told me about it and i started using it yesterday. it gives you the options of 'get lean', 'get toned', or 'get strong'. i chose to do 'get toned' since i've lost 30lbs and now i need to tone and build muscle. it's a 4 week program that gives you workouts for each day of the week. it even includes yoga. i need more yoga in my life. i was sweating like crazy on the first day. it's a lot of interval training. i love it so far. i am hoping to see some progress at the end of the 4 weeks! i will continue to eat healthy because i know that will help tremendously.

as i finished my workout yesterday, my friend danica showed up at the gym and asked if i was meeting her and haley there for zumba. ha! i was thinking no way as i'm standing there sweating my face off. but i stayed and i did zumba with them. it was so much fun! the three of us have gone before but it has seriously been a couple months. i felt like an idiot in the back with a class full of latina women dancing their hearts out. they know every step! but i'm catching on. slowly. either way, zumba is a fun workout!

wish me luck on my new workouts! hopefully i will have progress to share with you in a few weeks!