Tuesday, May 27, 2014

zoo animals.

saturdays are my favorite days because i get to spend the whole day with my husband. we made a spontaneous decision when we woke up on saturday to go to the akron zoo. we had a blast! we may have been the only adults there without kids, but that's just fine with us. no shame. this was a bit of a smaller zoo. it didn't have elephants or giraffes or some of those big animals like at the zoo back in utah, but it was fun with the animals it did have.

i took my digital camera with me to take pictures. i got my camera probably 3 or 4 years ago. i used it a lot right when i got it, but haven't used it much since. and now i know why. my iphone 5 can take way better pictures than my camera. (insert sad face here). i'm no photographer, but i would love a nice camera that can take pictures better than my phone. maybe someday. i took a lot of pictures with my camera until i decided to switch to my phone. i just realized that i didn't even bring the cord to hook my camera up to my computer, so you will only get to see pictures by the iphone. they are better quality anyways!

my favorite animal was the sea otters. if someone were to ask me if i could be any animal, what would it be? i would now change my answer to sea otter. i probably stood and watched them swim around for at least 10 minutes. they aren't the cutest looking things, but they are fascinating to watch.

we are having a great time here in ohio, but we are definitely missing our family and friends. well i am. collin doesn't say much about that subject. i miss our families so much. and my best friends. we have become really good friends with a young family in our ward. they are so great! they have 3 little kids that are adorable. they have a little girl who is almost 6 months old. i want to steal her from them! she is the sweetest baby. collin is so dang precious with her. it makes me even more baby hungry than i already am! dangit. it has been fun making new friends that i know we will have forever.

enjoy some of the pictures i took at the zoo with my iphone. other pictures will have to be posted when i get back to utah. so we will see if that ever happens. i hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!

kimono dragons

loved these crazy sea otters.
jellyfish are so very interesting.
this was a humungous octopus.
turtles swimming around.
silly flamingos standing on one leg. i don't get it.
me and my oh so handsome hubby.

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