Monday, June 30, 2014

life update.

if you follow me on instagram (alilynnbush) then you have already seen most of these pictures. i cannot believe that our time here in Ohio is almost over. we are on the tail end of it all. it makes me sad to think about leaving. but then again, i am so excited to be back in Utah with family and friends. 

collin and i got called to be assistant nursery leaders. we teach the 3 year olds. they are a crazy bunch! i thought i would be more baby hungry with this calling, but it might actually postpone it.. we love our calling and the little nuggets we get to play with at church.

i heard all about the lightening bugs (fireflies are the same thing by the way. it depends on where out east you live i think) that they have out here and i was so excited when i first saw them! on friday night we decided to catch some and put them in a jar. it was seriously one of the coolest things i've done. i know, i'm a child. 

every sunday before the 4th of July the little city we live in puts on a firework show. we were able to be with friends and enjoy a nice evening visiting and watching the fireworks. i love fireworks. whoever came up with that idea is genius. 

i decided i am addicted to workout clothes. but that's better than a lot of other things right?? they give me so much motivation! is that dumb? i'm sure i'm not the only one.. i can't talk myself into paying a lot of money for clothes though. everything i bought was on sale! woohoo!!

my in-laws are coming on WEDNESDAY!  i couldn't be more excited!! we are going to travel down to Cincinnati for the 4th of july weekend with them. my husband grew up there and so they have friends to visit and places to see. i cannot wait for an eventful weekend with family! and then a week later i get to go back to Utah to visit my family and friends! these next two weeks are going to be amazing! 

enjoy the pictures below. iphone style. cause i don't have a camera that is better than my phone. lame.

meet Carson. he is 3 and adorable.

waiting for the firework show.

this is Mindy. she needs a post dedicated to her.


Brigham is my new boyfriend.

this guy.

my best friends for the summer. love them.

new workout clothes!
new nursery leaders.

Monday, June 9, 2014

ohio homes.

have i told you how beautiful the homes in our neighborhood are? oh my. i get to run by these houses on my morning run. and sometimes my husband and i will go for a walk in the evening and just look at the houses and talk about how we will have a house like these in the future. far future, obviously. i absolutely love the the siding and the window shutters. they almost look like little doll houses. i seriously wouldn't mind moving here one day if i get to live in a house like these. everything is so green here. very different form Utah. i love it.   

my husband LOVES this 3 story house. he said he wants to end up in a house like this. fine by me!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


You guys! I am hooked on this 3D Fiber Mascara! I had a friend here in Ohio show it to me. I was a little skeptical at first. It seemed kind of strange the way it worked. I gave it a try and I am in love with it! So much so that I am now selling it. Not just the mascara but all of the Younique products. I have only tried a few things. But everything I have tried so far, I love! I am throwing an online party right now. You will have to go check it out. Its going for 9 more days. So hurry on over! The 3D Fiber Mascara gives you the look of falsies without the hassle, expense, or maintenance. I've tried lash extensions before and they just weren't for me. Other people absolutely love them. This mascara is for those of us who didn't do well with extensions or are too nervous to try them. Have fun shopping! click on the link to learn more and start shopping! The best part is you don't have to get out of your yoga pants or do your hair and make up to shop! yay! 

Here are some before and after pictures of my own eyes, so you can see how the product works! 

TOP: one coat regular mascara. MIDDLE&BOTTOM: one coat 3D fiber mascara.

LEFT: one coat 3D fiber mascara RIGHT: one coat regular mascara