Friday, September 26, 2014

vivid dreams.

Do you ever dream about hurting your arm somehow and then you wake up and your arm is asleep? This kind of thing happens to me all the time. For example, I have been wearing my retainers at night more cause my teeth are moving.. (Don't tell my mom) and they don't fit very well so my teeth hurt all night. I dreamt that my teeth were falling out and I had a bunch of loose teeth. That's all because my teeth were hurting from my retainers! Does this happen to anyone else?? Cause my husband thinks it's so weird. 

I also dream about anything traumatic that has happened to me in the past. Lately my dreams have been about car accidents. And that's happening because of our scary car accident we were in a few weeks ago. 

We were on our way down to Lake Powell and Collin had been driving the whole time until we stopped and had lunch about 45 minutes away. After lunch he asked me to drive the rest of the way cause he was tired. We had been driving for about 35 minutes when we crashed. I can't really remember much because I was in shock after the accident. Collin remembers me swerving to miss something in the road and I overcorrected and hit loose gravel and it sent our car into the sand bank and then flipped us over onto the drivers side. I had no idea what happened or what I did. I seriously thought I was dreaming. Our airbags didn't go off! I don't know if it would've made it worse if they had gone off, but with how hard we crashed they should have gone off. Collin unbuckled his seatbelt and landed right on top of me since the car was sideways. He couldn't open his door so he crawled out the back door and flagged some people down. The first car to stop had a nurse in it and the second car had a first responder. Talk about perfect timing. I don't remember this part but I guess the nurse came over and asked me questions, made sure I could wiggle my toes and that I did have a back or neck injury. Then two men held the car still so I could crawl out. I got out of the car and Collin just held me in his arms. I just bawled and kept saying "what did I do to us??" The ambulance came and checked my vitals and they made me go in the ambulance to the clinic at the bullfrog marina which was 10 miles aways. The nurses checked me out and made sure I didn't have any back, neck, or internal injuries. Collin walked away with a scarp on his shin and the whole left side of my body was aching and sore for a few days. We were so blessed and amazed that we were able to walk away from the accident. We definitely had angels watching over us in that moment. Later that night our family that we were in lake Powell with told us that if we had to crash, we picked the best place to do it, because literally 20 yards further and there was a 25ft cliff. That made me so sick to hear them say that. But it also made me realize that much more how aware our Heavenly Father is of our situations and how he is always watching over us and protecting us. I am so glad that we were both okay. I don't think I could live with myself if I had hurt Collin at all. It could've been so much worse. 

The thing that has blown my mind is the fact that we drove thousands of miles across the country and back this summer without any car problems or tickets. And then we drive 6 hours to Lake Powell and total our car. What?! So crazy. 

Now I wonder why did this have to happen to us? What am I suppose to learn from this? Now we have to figure out how to get a new car and how to pay for a monthly payment. #stressed 

We were able to stay in lake Powell and relax and rest for a week. I really didn't even want to get in a car again. I get so anxious and stressed out when I drive now.  We really are so grateful for our safety and for the Lords hand in our life.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

is it fall yet?

is it too early for pumpkin treats?! i don't care if it is or not because i have been craving anything pumpkin! the fall is my absolute favorite season. i love fall fashion. boots, scarves, cardigans, layering, sweaters, etc. and of course pumpkin treats! the best is my pumpkin popcorn. i'll have to post about that when i make it. it's a family favorite and i always have friends asking me to make it.

here is a yummy 3 ingredient pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. yes i said THREE. i have tried homemade from scratch pumpkin cookies and these at the same time and i would go for this kind every time. most people know about this recipe, but i still get people wondering how to make them and they don't know about this easy recipe. they are full of flavor and moist. why do people hate the word MOIST so much?? it has never bothered me. i like my cookies and cakes moist. (am i making you cringe by using that word so much?) MOIST. there i go again.

1 box spice cake mix (don't add any of the oil, eggs, etc. only the cake mix)
1 small can of pumpkin puree (pictured is a large can, i used half of it)
chocolate chips to your liking

spoon onto a cookie sheet
bake @ 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes depending on how big the cookies
let cool and ENJOY!

what are your favorite pumpkin recipes? please share them with me!
3 simple ingredients.