Friday, October 3, 2014

fall food & color.

I LOVE the fall. And the other day I decided that October is my favorite month. Besides July, of course. 

So as I've said before, I love anything pumpkin! It's becoming a problem, my husband thinks. My sister in law told me to put a scoop of pumpkin purée in my oatmeal with a little bit of brown sugar. And oh my! It's so yummy! Plus you are sneaking in some veggie goodness. It's my new favorite thing to make for breakfast when I have time. 

I'm in charge of bringing a homemade pumpkin desert to family home evening on Sunday and I can't decide what to make. I don't want to do pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, cause that's what everyone makes. I want to try something new! I've been pinteresting for days. (Is that even a word? Well I'm using it anyways.) If you have any brilliant ideas, please share!

I started working at Amara Day Spa & Salon as a stylist. I LOVE it. Lately everyone has been wanting new hair for Fall. Which I love! It's been fun creativity fall looks. I don't always take before and after pictures, and I feel like I need to be better about doing that. I do have a couple I can share with you. Come in and see me at Amara for some fall color! 

             Yummy pumpkin oatmeal.


  1. I made pumpkin bars the other day... pumpkin, coconut and raspberries and cinnamon and some other stuff. super good! let me know if you want the recipe :)