Wednesday, December 9, 2015


This is the start of my bumpdates. It still feels surreal that this is happening to me. It's very exciting though! 

How far along: 12 weeks 2 Days

Size of baby: large plum! 

Cravings: lately I've really loved Panda Express and bean and cheese burritos. I haven't given in to my cravings much, but those just sound good! And I hardly ever want Chinese food, so it's definitely pregnancy! 

Aversions: the other day I made chicken, potatoes, and carrots. Something I make and eat a lot. I was gagging over the smell and could not eat it at all! It was so weird! And sugary things make me feel sick sometimes. Which is a good thing I guess!

Movement: Not yet. Too early still. But I'm very excited for that to happen!

Hormones: Very high! Oh pregnancy hormones, how fun are you?! My husband will tell you all about them. I cried the other day because our neighbors puppy was so cute and he just wanted to come inside and play with us! But we couldn't let him in. I cried in almost every episode o Greys Anatomy that I've watched since being pregnant. But who doesn't cry during that show??

Stretch marks/weight gain/showing:
No new stretch marks. I have some on my hips from years ago. I know they are genetic and I already have some, so I'm bound to get some. But I'm faithfully rubbing on some stretch mark lotion everyday to help with that. I haven't gained a single pound yet. Which is good for me! And surprising for me too! I'm sure it will come though. Luckily I've been able to workout since I haven't been too sick. So that helps with weight gain for sure! Not showing yet. I'm excited and anxious for that bump to show!!

Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good. Without a doubt, every single night I wake up at least once to go pee. But I usually am able to fall right back asleep. Last night was probably the most uncomfortable I've been yet. I didn't sleep well and had the hardest time waking up. 

Gender: Don't know yet. We might possibly find out early when we are in Utah for Christmas! If not, 20 weeks will have to do. We both would love a boy because we want our kids to have an older brother. But if it's a girl she will have daddy wrapped around finger! And mommy too :)

These first 12 weeks have been fun and exciting! I can't wait to see my body change. It truly is incredible what our bodies can do. One day I'll post a bump picture. When I get one! 

Baby Bush.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and one for Baby Bush who soon will be there! 

We are so thrilled to finally let our secret out! We are having a baby! Baby Bush is due in June! We started trying earlier this year and I got my hopes up each new month and got super upset when it didn't happen. I finally decided to stop stressing over it and let the Lord do His thing and trust in His timing. When I decided to do that, it happened! I've been baby hungry ever since before I was married. So it's been a long time waiting for me. We decided we wanted to wait until Collin was finished with school and had a job lined up. I was so overwhelmed by all the love and sweet comments and texts from friends and family. Probably my pregnancy hormones but I started crying last night because of all the LOVE. Thank you all!!

I found out I was pregnant at exactly 4 weeks! I told Collin the very next day. Yes, I kept it a secret from him all night! I don't know how I did that! The next day was my day off so I was able to make a cute onsie and surprise daddy with the great news! 

I recorded his reaction without him knowing and it was so fun to watch! He is going to be the best daddy!! I think that's one thing I'm most excited about. Watching him become a dad. Melts my heart just thinking about it. 

I had an 8 week ultrasound and it was so fun to see our little babe! So tiny! But you can see a little nub of an arm and leg. So cool!! I am now 12 weeks.

Stay tuned for bumpdates! Let's be honest, they probably won't be weekly because I'm the worst at blogging. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I'm back. (for now).

Hello. It's been 5 months since I've been on this blog of mine. Yikes. I hope this doesn't reflect how I would be as a pet owner, plant owner, or a mother. I haven't nurtured this blog at all. 

We have lived in Oklahoma for 4 months now. Wow I can't believe it's been that long already. I've already been back home twice since we moved. Don't judge. I get homesick easily and everyone needs their hair done. 

Collin is really enjoying his job at Goodyear. He works with a lot of older people. They are all his parents age. I think it was weird for him at first, but now he is used to it and loves his coworkers. I'm working at Fringe Salon and I really like it! I'm so glad that I can do my job anywhere we live. The only bad thing about my job is having to rebuild a clientele. It's been super frustrating for me. But I know we are here for my husband and he is the main provider. 

I have had a really hard time getting used to the fact that we live 1600 miles away from my family and our friends. It's been rough for me. But going home and seeing my family and friends after a few months apart was so much fun! It made me feel special to get texts from friends wanting to get together while I was in town. That definitely helps. I eventually would like to move back to Utah at some point. Not sure when or if that will ever happen. Thankfully we have Collins family in Dallas, Texas just 2.5 hours away. We go down there about once a month. That has been the biggest blessing. I would not be able to handle this live without them near by. 

I'll post about my Utah trips next! Here are a few pictures of us in Oklahoma. 

Driving to Oklahoma!

Our cute house. 

Hiking at the wildlife refuge.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Three days until graduation. THREE DAYS!! Wow. I'm so excited about this. Can you tell? Collin took his last final yesterday so he is all done with college! He is very happy about that. 

Also.. We are going to LAWTON, OKLAHOMA! We are thrilled!! We got our number one choice and couldn't be happier about it! I don't think it's actually hit me that we are moving. And are going to be gone for a very long time. But it will be the best adventure and I'm so lucky and blessed to have this opportunity. If you know anything about Oklahoma or moving away from family, please tell me. I'll need all the help and tips I can get! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


4 more weeks until graduation! That feels so good to say. I won't believe it until it actually happens. We are hoping that we find out where Goodyear is sending us before graduation gets here. Cross your fingers for Lawton, Oklahoma! That's where we've been hoping and praying for.

I've been so sick of my hair lately.. It's finally long again and I have been so lazy with it. I also feel like my hair has gotten a lot more thin over the last couple of years.. (probably from all the crazy things I did to it in hair school! yikes.) I am always pulling it up or braiding it. I want to cut it so bad. Hold back on the NO'S!! I don't want to take a lot off, just a few inches. I want to have to do my hair everyday. Obviously I want it long enough to pull up when I'm working out. But I want it to have a style. It's just long, stringy, and flat right now and I'm not loving it. So stay tuned to see if I actually go through with it. Hopefully I can get someone to do it soon! Hair always grows back right?! Right.

This is such a random post. Really I'm just getting some things out of my head and on the screen. Excuse all my word vomit right now.

There are some things in life that I am so ready to leave behind and move on with.. and other things that I am going to have a hard time leaving behind.. These last few months have definitely been bitter sweet. I just keep thinking about leaving and everything that comes with it.

Happy hump day bloggers!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I can't believe that in 7 short weeks my husband will be graduating! It really is the best feeling ever. I've been getting him through school these last 3 years. He has also been working part time. I am very excited for him to be done with school and have a real adult job where he will be making real money. We will hopefully find out this month where GoodYear will be sending us. Possibly won't find out until April... but i'm keeping my fingers crossed it's this month! Not that finding out sooner changes anything.. except it would help with my anxiety. I really am just so anxious to know where we will be spending the next year of our lives. I honestly think I am in denial. It doesn't feel real or like it's going to actually happen. Last May when we moved to Ohio I was more calm about everything because I knew the timeline and I knew  we would be back home in August. This time around I don't know hardly anything. I don't know where or when or for how long. I just know we might not be back in Utah for many years, if not ever. Obviously we will be back to visit. A lot!! I am ready for this new adventure though. Life is starting to become more "Adult Like". (does that even make sense? I can't explain that any further..) I'm definitely nervous to pack up and leave everything behind. My family, friends, jobs, clients, etc. Literally everything. But it's all for a good purpose and I could't be more proud of my husband and all his hard work to get where he's at. I think the hardest part is going to be leaving my family. I'm very close to both my mom and dad and my brothers. I'm such a daddy's girl. I go over to my parents a couple times a week. Sometimes just to chat about nothing and everything at the same time. I've grown so close with my parents and now I have to leave them. (I can do this!) Thank goodness for FaceTime right?! I'm also nervous about making new friends. Finding a new job. I'm hoping there will be a cute, nice salon close by to work at. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'm nervous about not seeing my family whenever I want to. And can we talk about plane tickets?! Ugh. So expensive these days. Thumbs down for that. Maybe we need to get a Skymiles card and start racking up points!

If you've ever packed up, moved, left everything behind and have some advice for me, then please share! I'd love to hear about everything.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


i neglect this little blog all the time lately. i feel bad about it, but i guess not bad enough to blog more often. sometimes i just don't know what to blog about..

this weekend is Valentines! we were suppose to be going down to Vegas to watch the National Rugby 7's games. we were going with another couple and i was super excited for it. but then last week they told us they couldn't get work off and so we aren't going down anymore. since i had already taken work off thursday-saturday, we decided we wanted to go somewhere or do something fun. tomorrow we are going to go up to SLC and go shopping at city creek, have a yummy dinner, and then spend the night at the anniversary inn! i am so pumped! we've been there once before for our 2 year anniversary and it was a blast. we decided to celebrate a couple days early to try and miss the crowds and so that i can work on saturday. saturdays are generally my busiest day at the salon. so i'm crossing my fingers that there are some people that want their hair done all nice and fancy for their special Valentines date.

since we are celebrating early we decided to offer one of our best friends to babysit their cute baby girl so they could go out and have a night alone. they said yes! and we couldn't be more excited. we love baby Penelope and can't wait to practice being parents with her on saturday night. my husband said "it's like rent-a-baby, but for FREE!" he is a dork and very excited to spend time with her. it will be fun!

if you have any suggestions on a nice place for a valentines dinner date in the SLC area, please share! we don't go up there very often so i have no idea where to go. Cheese Cake Factory is always a good option, but i'd like more options. have a fantastic valentines weekend!


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Monday, January 5, 2015

goodbye 2014, hello 2015!

This time of year we all like to reflect on the past year and see how we've grown and changed. 2014 has been a year full of change, adventure, hardships, and new friends. It was definitely a year to remember. 


-laser tag surprise birthday party for hubby.
-lots of rugby games (his last season)
-trip to st. George to visit an old friend
-caitie o'gwin got married!
-lots of girls nights with my dollar cuts girls
-Kennedy found out she was having a baby girl!!
-crazy/scary things happened with my brother and family 
-BYU Rugby Chanpionship game, WE WON!
-we moved to Ohio for the summer. (Best summer of my life!)
-my husbands family moved to Texas (hard to have them leave, but such a good thing for them)
-made some of the best new friends I. Ohio! (Eagars, Stromberg's, Vallen's) to name a few.
-tried CrossFit for the first time and did it all summer. 
-became a presenter for Younique (thanks mindy!) 
-got called to serve in the nursery (best calling ever)
-went to Cincinatti over the 4th of July with the inlaws
-came home to utah for a week to do hair and visit my fam
-celebrated my 21st with my ohio friends (thanks mindy for a great birthday!)
-flew home to Utah for my brother in laws wedding 
-drove from Ohio to Texas to visit my inlaws (longest drive ever) 
-back home to Utah
-Penelope Dene Johnson was born!
-went to lake Powell with my birth moms family and totaled my car on the way down (scariest thing of my life)
-started working at Amara Day Spa & Salon (love it!)
-Behr Laws Casper was born!
-my friend Brianna had a baby boy named cooper
-my best friend and cousin Tyson got home from his mission!!
-nephew cooper was baptized (finally. It was a long road to get there and I'm so proud of him for being persistent and wanting it more than anything)
-celebrated Christmas with my family early
-spent all of Christmas break in Texas with my inlaws (we had a blast!)

We were so blessed in 2014 even though we had hard times. I am so unbelievably excited for 2015. We have a lot of change coming and I'm anxious, but excited for it. I'll have a college graduate on my hands in April! We will be moving with GoodYear! We don't know where yet, but it will definitely be an adventure. I'm so ready for you 2015!