Monday, January 5, 2015

goodbye 2014, hello 2015!

This time of year we all like to reflect on the past year and see how we've grown and changed. 2014 has been a year full of change, adventure, hardships, and new friends. It was definitely a year to remember. 


-laser tag surprise birthday party for hubby.
-lots of rugby games (his last season)
-trip to st. George to visit an old friend
-caitie o'gwin got married!
-lots of girls nights with my dollar cuts girls
-Kennedy found out she was having a baby girl!!
-crazy/scary things happened with my brother and family 
-BYU Rugby Chanpionship game, WE WON!
-we moved to Ohio for the summer. (Best summer of my life!)
-my husbands family moved to Texas (hard to have them leave, but such a good thing for them)
-made some of the best new friends I. Ohio! (Eagars, Stromberg's, Vallen's) to name a few.
-tried CrossFit for the first time and did it all summer. 
-became a presenter for Younique (thanks mindy!) 
-got called to serve in the nursery (best calling ever)
-went to Cincinatti over the 4th of July with the inlaws
-came home to utah for a week to do hair and visit my fam
-celebrated my 21st with my ohio friends (thanks mindy for a great birthday!)
-flew home to Utah for my brother in laws wedding 
-drove from Ohio to Texas to visit my inlaws (longest drive ever) 
-back home to Utah
-Penelope Dene Johnson was born!
-went to lake Powell with my birth moms family and totaled my car on the way down (scariest thing of my life)
-started working at Amara Day Spa & Salon (love it!)
-Behr Laws Casper was born!
-my friend Brianna had a baby boy named cooper
-my best friend and cousin Tyson got home from his mission!!
-nephew cooper was baptized (finally. It was a long road to get there and I'm so proud of him for being persistent and wanting it more than anything)
-celebrated Christmas with my family early
-spent all of Christmas break in Texas with my inlaws (we had a blast!)

We were so blessed in 2014 even though we had hard times. I am so unbelievably excited for 2015. We have a lot of change coming and I'm anxious, but excited for it. I'll have a college graduate on my hands in April! We will be moving with GoodYear! We don't know where yet, but it will definitely be an adventure. I'm so ready for you 2015!  

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