Wednesday, February 11, 2015


i neglect this little blog all the time lately. i feel bad about it, but i guess not bad enough to blog more often. sometimes i just don't know what to blog about..

this weekend is Valentines! we were suppose to be going down to Vegas to watch the National Rugby 7's games. we were going with another couple and i was super excited for it. but then last week they told us they couldn't get work off and so we aren't going down anymore. since i had already taken work off thursday-saturday, we decided we wanted to go somewhere or do something fun. tomorrow we are going to go up to SLC and go shopping at city creek, have a yummy dinner, and then spend the night at the anniversary inn! i am so pumped! we've been there once before for our 2 year anniversary and it was a blast. we decided to celebrate a couple days early to try and miss the crowds and so that i can work on saturday. saturdays are generally my busiest day at the salon. so i'm crossing my fingers that there are some people that want their hair done all nice and fancy for their special Valentines date.

since we are celebrating early we decided to offer one of our best friends to babysit their cute baby girl so they could go out and have a night alone. they said yes! and we couldn't be more excited. we love baby Penelope and can't wait to practice being parents with her on saturday night. my husband said "it's like rent-a-baby, but for FREE!" he is a dork and very excited to spend time with her. it will be fun!

if you have any suggestions on a nice place for a valentines dinner date in the SLC area, please share! we don't go up there very often so i have no idea where to go. Cheese Cake Factory is always a good option, but i'd like more options. have a fantastic valentines weekend!


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  1. Brio is an Italian restaurant at city creek. It's super good!