Thursday, October 8, 2015

I'm back. (for now).

Hello. It's been 5 months since I've been on this blog of mine. Yikes. I hope this doesn't reflect how I would be as a pet owner, plant owner, or a mother. I haven't nurtured this blog at all. 

We have lived in Oklahoma for 4 months now. Wow I can't believe it's been that long already. I've already been back home twice since we moved. Don't judge. I get homesick easily and everyone needs their hair done. 

Collin is really enjoying his job at Goodyear. He works with a lot of older people. They are all his parents age. I think it was weird for him at first, but now he is used to it and loves his coworkers. I'm working at Fringe Salon and I really like it! I'm so glad that I can do my job anywhere we live. The only bad thing about my job is having to rebuild a clientele. It's been super frustrating for me. But I know we are here for my husband and he is the main provider. 

I have had a really hard time getting used to the fact that we live 1600 miles away from my family and our friends. It's been rough for me. But going home and seeing my family and friends after a few months apart was so much fun! It made me feel special to get texts from friends wanting to get together while I was in town. That definitely helps. I eventually would like to move back to Utah at some point. Not sure when or if that will ever happen. Thankfully we have Collins family in Dallas, Texas just 2.5 hours away. We go down there about once a month. That has been the biggest blessing. I would not be able to handle this live without them near by. 

I'll post about my Utah trips next! Here are a few pictures of us in Oklahoma. 

Driving to Oklahoma!

Our cute house. 

Hiking at the wildlife refuge.

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