Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Baby Bush.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and one for Baby Bush who soon will be there! 

We are so thrilled to finally let our secret out! We are having a baby! Baby Bush is due in June! We started trying earlier this year and I got my hopes up each new month and got super upset when it didn't happen. I finally decided to stop stressing over it and let the Lord do His thing and trust in His timing. When I decided to do that, it happened! I've been baby hungry ever since before I was married. So it's been a long time waiting for me. We decided we wanted to wait until Collin was finished with school and had a job lined up. I was so overwhelmed by all the love and sweet comments and texts from friends and family. Probably my pregnancy hormones but I started crying last night because of all the LOVE. Thank you all!!

I found out I was pregnant at exactly 4 weeks! I told Collin the very next day. Yes, I kept it a secret from him all night! I don't know how I did that! The next day was my day off so I was able to make a cute onsie and surprise daddy with the great news! 

I recorded his reaction without him knowing and it was so fun to watch! He is going to be the best daddy!! I think that's one thing I'm most excited about. Watching him become a dad. Melts my heart just thinking about it. 

I had an 8 week ultrasound and it was so fun to see our little babe! So tiny! But you can see a little nub of an arm and leg. So cool!! I am now 12 weeks.

Stay tuned for bumpdates! Let's be honest, they probably won't be weekly because I'm the worst at blogging. 


  1. YES YES YES!!!! Keep them coming!!!

  2. I'm so, SO excited for you guys! You will be the cutest mama. You know I love when you blog even if it's not about baby stuff, but I'll admit, I'm excited for those bumpdates and all that jazz!

  3. So happy for you!!! :) Can't wait to see your cute bump grow :)