Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bump date.

How far along: 18 weeks! I can't even believe it!

Size of baby: a sweet potato! About 5.5 inches long and 5 ounces. 

Cravings: nothing really specific right now.

Aversions: the smell when my husband cooks turnkey burgers! Can't even handle it. Which is weird cause I use to eat them all the time! 

Movement: Not yet. I don't think so. Sometimes I think maybe, and then I don't think it was baby. Haha. 


Stretch marks/weight gain/showing:
No new stretch marks. I have some on my hips from years ago. At my last appointment I had gained one pound. Haven't checked since. I'm sure I've gained some more. We will see. I think my tummy has popped out a little bit more! I seem to be showing more throughout the day and not just at night. This morning my hubby was rubbing my tummy, saying bye to baby boy and he noticed my tummy felt bigger!

Sleep: Still waking up every night to go pee. I thought that got better this trimester? Guess not. I'm also having sciatic nerve pain and lower back aches, which keep me tossing and turning all night long. I don't sleep well at all right now.

Gender: BOY!! We will find out if he is still a boy in two weeks at my 20 week appointment.  

We are so in love with our baby boy already!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It's a BOY!

Today I am 17 weeks. Almost halfway there! I am so excited to announce that we are having a BOY! We couldn't be more thrilled! 

Little man is spoiled already! I did a little shopping when we were in town for Christmas. Buying baby clothes is so much fun! (And expensive) yikes. I'm going to be in trouble cause I already want to buy all of the baby clothes! Two of my coworkers bought baby boy tons of stuff already too! They are the sweetest. My boss had my hair station at work all decorated and full of baby boy things when I got back to work. It made me so happy to know that baby boy is so loved already. 
All the cute baby stuff from my coworkers 

Stuff that mommy and some family bought for baby. I noticed I like a certain scheme of colors. I cannot wait to dress him up in all these cute clothes! 

When we went to the ultrasound to find out if baby was a girl or boy, we got some super cute pictures of him. Mostly little side profiles. He was moving around like crazy! I couldn't believe I was watching him move on the screen but couldn't feel him in my tummy yet. He kept putting his hands in the air and we got the cutest picture of him waving! Grandma claims he was waving at her! Don't tell her any different, cause grandma is always right! 

Baby boy waving hi! 💙

On Sunday I wore a materinity dress and it definitely helped make me look pregnant and not just extra chubby! I secretly loved how it looked on me. And I can't wait for this belly of mine to grow more!

I literally have so much love for this baby boy of mine already. I can't imagine how much that's going to grow once he is here with us. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

16 weeks.

Oops. It's been a whole 4 weeks since I've blogged. I've been traveling for the holidays and have been too busy. I can't believe I'm already 16 weeks! Time is flying by! I know that I'll be saying the opposite of that once I'm further along. We heard baby's heartbeat at the doctor today. It was so special. But this whole process has truly been amazing!

How far along: 16 weeks!

Size of baby: an avocado 

Cravings: none right now. 

Aversions: nothing specific right now. Since week 13 I haven't been too hungry. But nothing turns me off. 

Movement: Not yet. But Doctor said it could happen any day!!

Hormones: I haven't noticed a change like I did in the beginning. I cried after hanging up the phone with a bishopric member asking me to give a talk on Sunday. But that's probably normal for me. I hate speaking!

Stretch marks/weight gain/showing:
No new stretch marks. I have some on my hips from years ago. I've gained one pound so far! Doc said that's okay for now but that he'd like to see me put on some weight here in the next month or so. I'm sure that'll come without trying! I'm showing at night. But then morning comes and the bump is gone :( I'm excited to wake up one day with a bump and have it stay forever! 

Sleep: Still waking up almost every night to pee. I tend to get uncomfortable and have to switch back and forth from side to side, so that wakes me up. But then I usually fall back to sleep quickly. 

Gender: We know!! But you'll have to wait until my next post to find out! We went and found out early when we were in Utah over Christmas break. We were able to take my parents with us as a surprise for them. It was the coolest thing to have them with us. It was so special to share that experience with them. Direct quote from my dad while watching the ultrasound in the big screen, "this is better than a movie!" That made me so very happy! 

Night time bump! It was gone by morning.