Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday rambles.

This is a very exciting week for me! First, tomorrow I'll be 20 weeks! I can't believe I'll be halfway! I have an ultrasound tomorrow and I'm so excited to see baby again. It's my favorite thing ever. Hopefully we will just be confirming that he is still, in fact, a boy. I've heard a few people who found out early that they were having a boy, only to later find out that it's a girl. Crossing my fingers that doesn't happen. We already have a lot of boy clothes and that's what we've been planning on the last 5 weeks. I guess we will see!

MY BEST FRIEND IS COMING TO VISIT! Yes those all caps were necessary. Carlee is coming on Wednesday for a whole week! I couldn't be more thrilled about. We've had this planned for a few months now and it's finally here. This will be our first visitor besides Collins parents and siblings. Nobody wants to come to Lawton haha. I'm sure we will find something fun to do! 

Singing in the car and singing in the shower are completely different. Don't you agree? I don't sing well. At all. And I know it. It's fine. That doesn't stop me from singing though. I sing all the time. But for some reason, when I sing in th shower I sometimes feel like I sound pretty good. I put on my Adele album and start singing and I'm like damn! I'm good. I sound (almost) just like her! (Not at all.) But the shower does something to your voice that makes you think you're really great. Or am I the only one that thinks that? Awkward..

I need more maternity clothes. But for some reason I hate spending money on myself. I can buy my husband or baby boy anything and everything. But when it comes to myself, I can't. Most of my regular clothes just fit awkward now and I just look chubby in them. (Do you ever delete a sentence just because you don't know how to spell a word? Well that just happened to me.) 

I cleaned my entire house today! Gotta get it ready for the bff. I even got down on my hands and knees and mopped the floor. Hubby got mad at me for that. Said I shouldn't be doing that. Next time I'll let him mop then ;)

This post was me completely rambling about life right now. I have no sense of direction or organzation. 

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