Tuesday, March 8, 2016

25 weeks.

It's hard to believe that I'm already 25 weeks! I honestly love being pregnant! It gets more fun and exciting each week. I've started to feel baby boy move around. He is very active! Daddy has felt him move too! That has been super exciting for us. 

I still have bad sciatic nerve pain on my left side. But there is nothing I can do about it. Doc says it will go away though. When I deliver the baby. Haha good one doc! I feel like I can't complain too much because I get a baby out of this! And I would do anything for that. 

I went home this last weekend for my cute momma's 60th birthday! I had a blast being with my family and friends. I hadn't been home since Christmas and I was getting homesick. Baby boy and I got so spoiled by grandpa!! He bought the little man some really cute clothes and bought momma some much needed maternity clothes. We feel so very loved! 

I was able to throw one of my best friends a baby shower when I was home. That was a lot of fun! I'll do a separate  post with those details and pictures. 

I'll be going back home in April for the last time before baby is here. My mom is going to throw me a family baby shower and my best friend, Carlee, is going to throw me a friend shower! I'm so excited!! 

Here are some pictures from my trip and some random bump pictures. Happy 25 weeks to me! 

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