Sunday, April 24, 2016

Chew your food Ali.

I will always remember week 31 of my pregnancy. On Friday I was out to lunch with one of my best friends, Kennedy. We were at Wingers enjoying our sticky fingers when I started choking. There was chicken stuck in my esophagus and I couldn't get it down. I was able to breathe still, but it was painful and scary. I tried drinking water to get it down and the water couldn't even pass through, it came right back up. A random stranger ran over to try the heimlich on me but nothing was working and we didn't know what to do. 

Kennedy insisted on calling the ambulance so the paramedics could help me. I honestly didn't want her to because I know how expensive that all can be. But she was worried about me and the baby and she called. I am so thankful she listened to her gut and promptings and called. I took an ambulance ride to the ER at Utah Valley where I spent the next 9 hours. I asked the paramedic to call my dad and have him meet us at the ER.  

Poor Kennedy had both her kids and was trying to help me and get my purse and figure out what to do. She was a champ!! She can also say she saved my life after all that went down. 

I was in pain and uncomfortable as I could still feel the food stuck. After what seemed like FOREVER I was taken upstairs to the G.I. Doctor where they took me into a procedure room and sedated me (used something safe for baby). He used a tube and camera to see what was stuck and was going to either push the food down or pull it out. That didn't work. There was a huge piece of chicken stuck at the very bottom of my esophagus but there was tiny pieces of chicken and other food above it all along the rest of my esophagus. The doctor said it was way too dangerous to be in there because of the high risk of the smaller pieces of food and liquid going into my lungs, which would be life threatening. I was then taken back down to the my room in the ER while we waited for a few more hours until the doctor decided what would be the best and safest procedure. 

His first idea got turned down by another doctor because the risk of food and liquid going into my lungs was way too high. He then decided to take me into the OR to do surgery. They put me under with general anesthesia (safe for baby, but had risks of putting me into early labor). I did not like the risks at all. But they needed to get the food out. They were able to put a tube down my throat so that any food or liquid would go in the tube and not in my lungs. He was able to remove the small pieces and the very large piece at the bottom. It took about an hour. Everything went well and baby boy is healthy and strong and still cooking! I was worried about him more than anything else. My throat and esophagus have abrasions all over and it hurts to talk and swallow. I cough all day because of the irritation in my throat and that's no fun at all. But it should heal up quickly. 

The opening of my esophagus is very small and needs to be stretched. I've had a lot of acid reflux since being pregnant and that can cause the opening to shrink. I need to have a procedure done where they stretch the opening of the esophagus, but the doctor won't do it until after I deliver my baby. So until then, he put me on a very strict liquid diet. 8 more weeks until my due date and I have to be on a liquid diet and puréed food. It's going to be hard and it's going to suck. I'm mostly worried about getting enough calories and nutrients for the baby and I. If you have any recipes for smoothies or soups that you want to share, please do! Or any ideas on what I could eat. I need a variety so I don't get bored. I'm happy to be safe and alive and I'm so very happy that baby boy is safe. My sweet parents were by my side the entire time and took such great care of me. My poor husband is back home in Oklahoma and had to hear about all of this over the phone and couldn't do s thing about it. 

Now let's hope these next 8 weeks fly by! I'm sure they will be the longest 8 weeks of my life though... 

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  1. Ali girl!! Oh my goodness! I'm glad everything worked out okay for you and the baby. Glad you were with your parents. Poor Collin! Love you!