Thursday, May 19, 2016


Hello friends! I thought I'd do a quick update on how things are going. I'll be honest with you and say that this liquid/pureed food diet is kicking my butt! I have absolutely zero energy. I know that being in my last trimester of pregnancy doesn't help with that either. I'm still working Tuesday-Saturday and it's getting a little bit hard for me. My body hurts and my sciatica is acting up again. This time on the right side. Super fun! Haha. It will all be worth it though.

When I got back to Oklahoma and told my OB what happened, he was totally surprised and hadn't ever had this happen to a patient of his before. (Read last post for the story). He wanted to get me an appointment with a nutritionist so that they could give me ideas on how to get all the nutrients, protein, and calories that baby boy needs. The nutritionist was booked out until September.. so obviously that doesn't work for me. Luckily I have an amazing mom who is very smart when it comes to food and all that good stuff. She has helped me come up with different foods to eat and she has been awesome!! She is my nutritionist. My OB also tried to get me an appointment with the GI here in town and he wouldn't even let him make an appointment for me! He said he doesn't want to see me until after I deliver. Ugh!! All we want to do is make an appointment for the procedure to be done. We already know what needs to happen. That has been super frustrating for me. I am just hoping when he finally does see me that he can do the procedure right away and not be booked out for X amount of weeks. I think I will die if I have to continue this diet longer than necessary. I'm mostly worried about my milk supply dropping with eating this way. I want to breastfeed and be successful. I know that everything will work out though.

Doctor said that baby should be able to get all the nutrients and calories that he needs. But if for some reason he starts falling behind in growth then he will want to induce me early and deliver baby boy at 38 or 39 weeks. That is just because baby would be better off out here in the world breastfeeding than not getting what he needs in my belly. Hopefully he is getting all that he needs to grow strong and healthy though!

33 days people!! (Or longer. Or sooner.) I seriously can't believe how soon we will get to see our baby boy! We went shopping last weekend to get the rest of the baby stuff we still needed. That made everything feel even more real for us. I'm a bit upset that we are moving so soon after he gets here, because that means I don't get to decorate a nursery right now. (insert crying face). I know that I could, but what's the point?! He will just be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for the first little while anyways. And then we move. I will just have to wait and decorate his nursery when we move. That will give me something fun to look forward to!

Here are some recent bump pictures. If you follow me on Instagram or snapchat (alilynnbush) then you've probably already seen these pictures. Baby boy is growing! Which means mama's belly is growing too!! It's so much fun!

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