Wednesday, June 8, 2016

38 weeks.

If you were to ask me how pregnancy has been, I would say wonderful!! Up until April 22nd. If you didn't read what happened that day, you can read that here. I feel like things have gone a little downhill ever since. I honestly have loved being pregnant. Even through those beginning weeks when I felt nauseous, or the beginning of my second trimester where I puked more than I ever did in the first. I've loved watching my bump grow and feeling my baby boy move around all the time!  But these last 2 months of pregnancy have been kicking my butt.

I had a bit of a crazy day yesterday. Let me start back about 3 weeks. One night as I was rubbing my stretch mark lotion on my belly and hips, I noticed a random mole on the side of my hip that I had never seen before. I actually thought I just had a speck of something on me and tried to brush it off. Then I looked closer and noticed it was a mole. I  have moles and freckles all over my body, so it wasn't that unusual to find one. I had just never seen this exact one before. I sent a picture of it to my mom and asked if a mole could just appear overnight. She said with pregnancy that anything is possible! She also thought it looked scary and I should get it checked out right away. So I called the next day to make an appointment. I went in to the dermatologist last week and he also thought it looked a little scary and he removed it. He said if I don't hear back from him in one week, then everything was normal with it.

Yesterday as my hubby and I were sitting in the waiting room at my OB's office I got a phone call from the dermatologist. He called to inform me that the mole he removed was in fact stage 1 melanoma. He said he would need to do surgery and remove more of the skin beneath it and around it to make sure he gets all the cancerous cells removed. I go in next week for that to be done. Unless I'm in labor or something fun! But I probably won't be.

It was finally time to go in for my 38 week appointment. The first thing they do is check your blood pressure. My blood pressure in the past has always been normal. The nurse said it was high and that she wanted to get the machine to double check it. The machine confirmed what she had got when she took my blood pressure. The OB came in and checked me. I'm still not dilated. At all... come on baby boy!! I thought I was all done and right when we were about to leave a different nurse came in to recheck my blood pressure again. It was even higher than the first two times. The OB came back in and said he wanted me to go to Labor and Delivery right away for a Non Stress Test. I told him about the news I had just received from the dermatologist and he said that would probably make anyone's blood pressure go up. But he wanted to make sure it wasn't something more serious, like Pre-eclampsia. He said they would monitor the baby and I for a little while and if my blood pressure didn't go down, they would do a blood test. If the test came back positive for Pre-eclampsia then he would want to deliver me right away.

Wow!! Hold on. I just found out I had a cancerous mole and now I might be having a baby tonight?? I was a little bit concerned as we headed over to L&D. But then I kept thinking about it more and I just knew my blood pressure was high because of the news I received right before taking my blood pressure. I started to calm down and relax a bit. Obviously since I'm sitting here typing this post, I didn't end up having to deliver my baby last night. My blood pressure came down quickly and everything turned out to be just fine.

As we were sitting there in L&D doing the Non Stress Test, I kept thinking about all the things I still need to do and accomplish before my baby boy arrives. So I'm a little bit relieved that it didn't all happen last night. Even though we have everything and it all would've worked out. I realized that I need to get my butt in gear and get everything finished quickly because he could come literally any day now. Hopefully he just waits until Grandma Sherry gets here next week! Once she is here then he is free to come at anytime! We are getting so very close to meeting our baby boy and we couldn't be more excited about it! Collin took me to Sonic later on because I thought I deserved a milkshake!


I thought I deserved a Sonic shake at the end of my crazy day!